When You Have No Room for a Home Office Levenger Comes to Rescue

You hear it all the time — the best trick for small spaces (or making any space feel larger) is making the most out of every square inch. And while that sounds simple enough, making the most out of every room in your home can often be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to make one room serve multiple functions that work for your daily life.

It’s no surprise then that many individuals are trying to make space in their home for an office.

This is where Levenger products can make your life easier.

Levenger is a small and quirky company in our industry. The goal of the company is to make high quality, office products.

When it comes down to taking notes in a meeting or on conference calls, I’m a big fan of sticking with good old paper and pencil. I did try using a “tablet device” back when they were all the rage but found them to be too slow and distracting to use during meetings, so I switched back to taking my notes and organizing my “random thoughts” using good old “paper and ink”. This was when I was first introduced to Levenger products.

I finally came across Levenger’s Circa Notebook system and was instantly hooked!

This is a highly flexible notebook system where you have the ability to easily add, remove, and relocate pages to different places in your notebook. Instead of a fixed binder or a traditional “3-ring” design, the Circa system uses a series of “circular discs”. The system uses custom paper that has “notches” that perfectly match to the discs. The shape of the notches allows you to easily add, remove, and “move” pages however you see fit.

The options go well beyond just what’s on the inside. There are covers made of high-quality luxurious leathers. There are some made of high-quality imitation leather. There are some plain colored ones and translucent plastic ones allowing your own work to shine through. There are folio style covers and covers designed to hold your iPad as well as some paper. Not to mention the variety of sizes — from US Letter sized on down. And, of course, you can always get some Circa disks and a punch separately and make your own.

There are other similar notebook systems on the market. The idea of using disks as binding has been around for a long time. Some of these are less expensive in some respects, but also of lower quality and without a company willing to stand behind the product. This is where, in my mind, Levenger beats them all.

Across the board, the quality and the sheer number of options available in the Levenger Circa line is what truly sets this brand of stationery apart. I find the shape of their disks easier to get pages in and out of and, at the same time, better at holding the pages in. The quality of paper was always good but seems to have taken a giant leap forward in recent years.

This why I was so excited about two new products from Levenger to help make my office space look better.

Deluxe Portable Office Ensemble

If you know me, I am always carrying everything. I have my notebook, datebook, and papers with me all the time. I am constantly trying to find how to fit them all in my tote. This deluxe tote is ideal for me. The Deluxe Portable Office Ensemble includes a Portable File Tote, the Pen Pouch, and the Eyeglass Pouch.

These products are so beautifully crafted. It has been helping me to stay organized, as I am juggling multiple projects right now and need to have everything on hand. It also is great for when I am running to meetings and need to pull out my notes. I have gotten numerous compliments about this since I started taking it to the office. It is also great for your home office. The tote is 13 1/4W x 6 3/8D x 9 5/8H, so it can fit into a shelf without taking up a ton of space. It is keeping my blog in order.

It is available in five great colors: Hickory, French Blue, Red, Purple or Black


Fill your home with unique Levenger No Room For A Table Dark Cherry is perfect for including character to your room. This is probably one of the most valuable tools I have found in recent years if you have a small office space you are going to want to run out and get this. It is a laptop desk, you can read, write, edit, sketch or watch television from the comfort of your bed. This is extremely important to me, if you know since I was six, I have always done my work while watching some game on television. To this day, you will find me with my laptop and the game on. This laptop desk elevates my work to a new level. I can adjust the surface to three different angles so that I can lie back and still read and type comfortably. It includes a handy magnetic side drawer with microsuede lining for a small item, like my pens and pencils. It is available in Natural Cherry or Wood.

Levenger makes a whole catalog of tools for writers and readers at every price point. I’m sure that they make something for you.

Do you own Levenger products tell me about them?

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