Tracksmith Spring Collection 2021

I was recently introduced to Tracksmith line of running apparel. Tracksmith remains committed to its unique style. Their gear is more sought after nationwide than it has been before.

Tracksmith was founded in New England. They live here, we work here and we race here. They relish everything New England means to running and to us. This place, and its historical significance to our sport, are at the core of their identity. The logo, the hare, is an animal that relies upon its speed. Not as a predator, but as a survivor. The hare is a runner’s runner. The timeless object of the chase. In folklore and mythology, the hare is often portrayed as the trickster: quick-witted, outsmarting his opponents at every opportunity.

The Twilight Shorts and Tee are a play on New England’s history with twilight track meets. The tee is pretty basic in its appearance — but that’s by design. The qualities are not basic, however — with the tee created from Italian Borgini fabric that is super light and super soft — as well having all the qualities in a quality running top — breathability and moisture-wicking. The shorts follow the same design experience, with the same outer construction as the tee, but I think they bring a little bit more flair to the table. The anti-odor, the anti-microbial liner are key as well.

I love that Tracksmith comes in a variety of colors and the craftsmanship is on target.

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