The Stationery Studio

2 min readJun 4, 2023

In a time when everyone is emailing, sending text messages, and using other social media platforms, I still love to sit and write letters, notecards, and thank you cards. I love the tradition and style that it shows.

During the holiday season, I was introduced to the Stationery Studio. They have the most wonderful collections. The collections of personalized stationery range from the adorable to the elegant and they have a price point that fits any budget.

While the children are out for the summer, it is the perfect time to introduce them to letter writing and the perfect way to show the appreciation that never goes out of style. Who does not love getting a letter in the mail?

The Stationery Studio began in 1994 as a passion project and work of love for its entrepreneurial founder Renee Redman. At the time, the Chicago-based public relations consultant and mother of two shifted gears and started a home business selling handmade note cards. In addition to stationery, she offered a growing selection of custom invitations and personalized gifts and accessories, meeting personally with clients in her living room.

In 1997, she addressed a growing client base by developing a website, It was one of the first online personalized stationery and gift businesses in the country. Thus began a new era for the brand.

Writing or receiving a letter can also do a lot to boost our mental state. Studies have shown that despite having digital and virtual communication channels available, people often still feel lonely, depressed, or isolated. Letters create a different connective experience between people that simply makes them happy and boosts morale.

What are you waiting for it is time to get back to writing. Jotting down words on paper that express yourself and tell someone that you care.




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