prAna Brand Spotlight

I was so excited to try this new line and when I did this weekend for the first time as I worked in my yard, I had alot of people come up and ask me about it.

Women’s outerwear has come a long way from the days of just buying smaller sizes of men’s outerwear, and while it may be true that there is no runway lined with celebrities and fashion connoisseurs in the outdoors, looking good is at least one part of feeling good. prAna has been designing quality women’s apparel since 1992, with a focus on yoga and climbing, but have expanded their scope to make their clothing suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. Using sustainable textiles like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and eco-friendly TENCEL, prAna’s apparel lines are the perfect choice for breathability and moisture-wicking comfort throughout any outdoor adventure.

Comfortable yoga wear, fashionable workout apparel and soft organic cotton casual clothing are what you’ll find from popular clothing manufacturer, prAna. Since day one, prAna has focused on sustainable fabrics and processes in manufacturing top-notch yoga, climbing and casual clothing. Keep reading to learn more about this brand then enter to win our giveaway below.

prAna borrowed its name from the Sanskrit word meaning breath, life and vitality of the spirit. In 1992 a husband and wife started hand sewing clothes in their Carlsbad, California garage. They made the tags out of handmade recycled paper and stayed to to the mission of developing a sustainable line of clothing.

I love clothes that are figure flattering and comfortable. Clothes that make me look my best. I especially love not only feeling good in my clothes but feeling good about my clothes.

What I mean by that is… knowing that the clothing I buy is good for our planet.

All prAna clothing is either made of organic cotton or of hemp. Additionally, many items also use recycled materials. Being planet friendly is a big deal to prAna. And that’s a BIG deal to me.

Their goal is to make sustainable clothing accessible and important to everyone. I admit when I was younger, I never even thought about sustainable clothing, or what the clothes I bought and/or wore were even made of. As I’ve gotten older, though, I realize the importance of sustainable clothing.

I care about what I put into my (and my family) body, why shouldn’t I care what I put on the outside of it?

I’m impressed how prAna gives back to communities all over the world. Learn more HERE.

Check out some of our favorites:

1. prAna Tempest Tank Top — Stretch Organic Cotton, Racerback (For Women) — The airy, floral-patterned cotton mesh racerback on prAna’s Tempest tank top adds the perfect amount of charm to an otherwise simple design, crafted from stretch organic cotton for softness.

2. prAna Farrah Pants with Skirt (For Women) — Soft, airy and quick-drying, prAna Farrah pants are a glamorous throwback featuring a woven mesh skirt for a pant that excels at the yoga studio and is relaxed enough for your daily grind.

3. prAna Bedford Canyon Pants — Stretch Organic Cotton (For Women) — Cute, casual and ready to hit the trails at a moment’s notice, prAna’s Bedford Canyon pants feature a soft, microsanded finish atop stretchy organic cotton.

4. prAna Mariposa Tank Top (For Women) — Let your strength unfurl like new wings in prAna’s Mariposa tank top, a stretchy, quick-drying and supportive tank with cute double criss-cross straps and a gorgeous sublimation print.

Would you like to try a product from prAna? The company is allowing me to give my readers 15% discount off your entire prAna order; simply enter the code HUFFDE.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the line. Also stay tune for the second part of this series that features the fabulous men’s line.



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