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Not ready to give up the loungewear just yet? Me neither. I am here all day for comfort and softness. It used to be jeans and a nice top for relaxing now it is all about lounging. I am super excited to find new brands that offer loungewear for me to try.

I was happy to find Poem Loungewear. Working from home means being sofa ready for your tea breaks. If you are lucky enough to pop out for lunch, you want something that lets you put the washing on and then walk into town without anyone batting an eyelid. Dressed-up loungewear is a thing right now, and I am going to show you some of my new favorites.

The first is the Kaftan Pants Set. I got it in Marigold because it is not a color that I would usually get, but I was drawn to it. The pants fit true to size and the top has a relaxed fit. The ties can be cinched or loosened to achieve the desired silhouette. You can dress it up with flats or with heels. I have gotten so many compliments when I wore them out.

The other thing that I was interested in was the trend of dressing up in boxer shorts that I have been reading about. I got the boxer shorts in the cool breeze. I can pair it up with a t-shirt and blazer and be ready for a meeting. This is the perfect ensemble for me because the weather has been over 100 for the past couple of months. This allows me to be professional and still be comfortable.

Feel free to take your loungewear outside if you want to — life’s too short to keep your comfort locked away. With trends like athleisure rising in popularity, no one will bat an eye if you venture out in your favorite loungewear. This is why I love Poem loungewear they have something for everyone that will make you feel comfortable.

The truth is, many people are unwilling to return to the days of strict dress codes at the office. That’s why the future of workwear involves compromise. People aren’t going to give up being comfortable even if they return to the office.

Poem Loungewear is primarily a sleepwear and loungewear brand, based in New York. We aim to provide garments that are not only comfortable but also elicit the feeling of “home” and tranquility. We all have that one pair of PJs we look for in our cupboards or wait for to come back from the wash- and that’s what we want Poem to be for you. We want you to look forward to slipping into our soft loungewear when you’re stressed at work or stuck in traffic.

We also offer a large range of block-printed loungewear, printed on soft cotton, using the age-old technique of block printing. This technique dates back to 3500 to 1300 BC, to the Indus Valley civilization. It now has its roots in a city named Rajasthan in India and is known for its unique look and the fact that it is all printed by hand, using custom-made wooden blocks. More information on block printing can be found here: https://www.vogue.in/content/history-of-block-prints-indian-textiles-designers-using-ajrakh-dabu-prints

Protecting the environment is also a big part of our brand. Our garment hang tags are plantable seeds that grow into basil plants. All the FAQ on how to plant the tag and care for it is on our website in the Go Green! section. Furthermore, the garment covering is water soluble and dissolves into mush when submerged in boiling water. More information on the chemistry of the bag is listed on the Go Green! Section as well. Our aim will always be to add more to this list because as we all know and understand, there is no Planet B and we need to do our part to protect our homes.

In the future, Poem Loungewear aims to simply enhance everything it already stands for. We want to focus on quality, and slow fashion, rather than overwhelming quantity, and continue to do our part to stay as green as possible. Our winter collection is underway and we can’t wait to put it out there!

For brands, that means taking the foundations of loungewear and expanding them to other styles. In terms of marketing, it’s being called “work leisure” — a hybrid of workwear and lounge that takes the best of both worlds. I am loving this concept and you will also.

People are, I think, on the one hand, very excited to get dressed, go back to our closets, and present ourselves to the world. But we also don’t want to lose the relaxed feeling that loungewear provides us.

What do you think about loungewear and are you ready to give it up?



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