Mosaic the Label

2 min readJun 12


In a time when you have so many brands to select from; it is comforting to know that some brands still seek out representation, Mosaic the Label is such a brand. Brittany Pogue-Mohammed Acosta is a mixed-race businesswoman who aims to empower other mixed-race individuals.

Mosaic designs lifestyle products for the ethnically and racially diverse. This entrepreneur and mother want to empower and uplift other individuals by creating a space for curated products for those who want to find their place in a mixed-race world.

I have enjoyed working with this brand because it encourages those of us who just don’t fit in. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, at times I felt I did not conform to what society wanted. This brand allows you to embrace those differences.

The brand offers an uplifting product line. Some products include:

Ampersand Vintage Diner Mug

These chunky and durable mugs are a reminder that you are an “and.”

Hand-Illustrated Affirmation Card Dick

This product encourages you to start your day with a message of self-love and empowerment using a set of double-sided affirmations and hybrid tea roses.

The clothing line also strives to be as sustainable as possible. Their packaging consists of custom-made tissue paper, stickers, tape, and mailers that are constructed out of recycled products. How great for the environment we live in!

The next time you feel alone and have doubts about who you are check out Mosaic the Label. Then lift your head and plow forward.




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