Leaf’D Box Makes Gardening Fun For the Whole Family

Growing up in the city, I did not have an opportunity to have a vegetable garden. This year I have been promoting the benefits of having your own garden whether you are in a house or apartment. They are so many companies that can help you get started. I love Leaf’D Box because it is easy and fun.

Leaf’D Box is a subscription service that takes the guesswork out of gardening. They allow gardening to be fun like it should be by sending four boxes of plants a year. each box contains plant varieties that thrive during that season in your area. They take their years of experience and send plants that grow the best, quickest, healthiest, and that will yield the most harvest.

Leaf’d Box is a family-owned business, based in Southern California, whose mission is to help Americans create successful home gardens. Growing delicious food can be intimidating without the right tools and tips. Leaf’d Box delivers an easy-to-follow system that will set your garden up for success, and offers two product types — garden subscription plant kits and education kits. The subscription plant kits deliver delicious seasonal plant varieties, at the right times of the year for your growing region. The education kits give new gardeners fast-growing plants and lessons that guide them along their gardening journey.

First, you decide whether you just want plants with a subscription box, or whether you want the educational experience with the Education Kit. Then you choose your garden size and type. You can choose herbs or vegetables. The vegetables come in small, medium, and veggie XL. Then you place your order. While waiting for your order you can prepare your pots if you are growing in an apartment or your garden bed for homes. They are a few steps you will need to do before actually planning but it is simple. If you opted to get the Education Kit, follow along with the lessons and activities as your plants grow. These are great to keep the kids busy during the summer.

If you selected subscription boxes, they will send boxes four times a year with plants that thrive during that particular season: early spring, spring, summer, and fall. The Small Veggie and Herb subscription have 4–6 plants per box, the regular veggie subscription has 8–12 plants per box, and the veggie XL subscription has 10–18 plants per box.

I got my plants in early spring, luckily the weather was nice so I was able to get them started. The kits had high-quality seeds, and the plants were in great condition. I was worried that a few might not make it during the trip to me. The seeds all looked healthy and green. I was so excited to start the process.

My Veggie garden came with: two tomatoes, three lettuce, two kale, one cucumber, one squash, and one sweet pepper.

Leaf’d Box’s vision for the future is to make growing your own food accessible to everyone. With so many people knowing what to do, or failing because they’re not doing the right things at the right times, Leaf’d Box wants to help families develop thriving gardens where they can enjoy their own homegrown delicious season after season. Leaf’d Box also aims to be bigger than themselves. That’s why for each box they ship, they sponsor someone in need with clean water-often the first step out of poverty. Not only that but they've been able to get 5:1 matching, so for each box shipped, you’re actually supporting a family of 5 with clean water as long as you’re a subscriber. They are also looking into donation programs for our seed education kits.

It does not matter which subscription or kit you order, you will get frequent emails with information about your plants. The team is also available to answer questions and they post tips on social media. It was great to work with them on my goal to get more people gardening.

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