Inox Jewelry-STAX Collection

With much of the country mandated to stay in and stay safe, responding to measures seeking to flatten the curve on Coronavirus infections, the retail landscape has moved from brick-and-mortar to online shopping season. Families are looking for affordable options, and INOX Jewelry is working to support small businesses while also helping the same families treat dads across the U.S., no matter what their taste is.

When I was first introduced to INOX Jewelry, I loved that it had casual pieces that could upgrade any outfit that the man in your life is wearing. One collection that is wonderful is the STAX collection, it allows us to mix and match stackable bracelets. STAX has eight pieces that are available online or in stores.

Each STAX piece can be changed to have a different look each day. The blue fabric, stone bead, and curb chair work with blue jeans or any other look. There are gold and silver-toned styles for warm and cool variety Each piece brings a different feeling to mind.

INOX’s design-driven aesthetic has established the company as a leader in men’s jewelry. Since 2007, INOX has partnered with international retailers, crafting elevated accessories for men in mixed precious and industrial metals and gemstones, including gold, silver, diamonds, carbon fiber, Damascus steel, jasper, and exotic woods. INOX Jewelry — strength in style.

I also love that they have been doing what they can to help businesses during these uncertain times.

Empowering businesses during trying times, INOX Jewelry has developed a tool for retailers, to supplement online sales. As brick and mortar shops are forced to close nationally, stores are scrambling for new and innovative touchpoints with customers. INOX’s Men’s E-store Microsite Program allows partnering retailers to link their existing site to a fully-functioning store-branded website, with all INOX styles listed. Expanding virtual options and opportunities for sales, INOX manages the operations and shipping, so retailers can focus on directing traffic to new online sales with an expansive inventory.

Mark Hollis, CEO of Salesone LLC., says, “With news changing by the hour, businesses are facing the unprecedented challenge of reinventing themselves daily. In the world of social distancing, our team discussed how we could best support our retail partners, at no additional cost, by helping them navigate smarter selling online, due to decreased foot traffic. Branded microsites bring traffic to a retailer’s personal INOX site, using their established website and social media. So far, stores are jumping on the opportunity, thrilled for a partnership option to help them during tougher days ahead for the jewelry industry.”

For qualified retailers, INOX will set up all variables of the branded e-store, managing operational touchpoints, including payment collection, sending a personalized invoice with the store logo, order fulfillment, and a month ACH payment to the retailer, minus tax and shipping, for all microsite sales.

“The INOX branded E-store is a feature we developed, gearing up towards dad’s and grad’s season. We wanted authorized retailers to be able to offer our entire inventory — all 2,000 distinctive styles — to their consumers, complementing existing in-store programs. This opens opportunities for every man walking into a store, and more importantly, for now, those shopping online,” says Sebastian Velasquez, INOX Sales Manager.

These make the perfect gifts for that special person in your life.



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