IFGfit First And Only Posture Perfecting Activewear

Today’s sports apparel has changed so much over the past years. You have such an array of colors, patterns, and the material has become increasingly light in weight over time. It has made now with more advanced technology to be more adaptable to the needs of the consumer.

When I learned about IFGfit, a brand taking it one step further and claiming it can help improve posture, relieve neck tension, and improve breathing with sports bras. IFGfit offers the world’s first activewear collection using FDA Class II Medical Device posture correction technology, PPR (Posture, Performance, and Recovery). Using patented engineered fabrics, the user’s posture is constantly trained throughout the day by opening up the shoulders, chest, and hips and along with the lengthening of the spine.

Stephen Liu, M.D., the brand’s founder and CEO, came up with the concept — of clothes that improve wellness, posture, and breathing without restraining straps or braces — while his mother was battling cancer. He was underwhelmed by the “severe lack of smart activewear that could boost well-being and recovery” and also look stylish, and so he set out to fill that niche himself.

IFGfit launched in mid-2018 after several years of testing 50-plus prototypes on a wide range of people across professions, ages, and physical conditions in order to get the right balance of technical (a stretchy mesh inner layer with strategically placed tension to mimic straps or braces) and aesthetic (an outer layer concealing all the posture-improving magic inside).

All of IFGfit’s products are made with the company’s Invisible Anti-Slouch technology, which “instantly brings both shoulder blades closer to the spine and in symmetry,” Liu says. It adjusts the body’s biomechanics so “the shoulders are back, the muscles of the lower spine are activated, the neck and shoulder muscles are relaxed, and the rib cage is expanded, mimicking the bridge position in yoga,” which, according to Liu, helps deepen “diaphragm breathing and make you feel taller through spinal extension.”

When I put it on, I felt a subtle tug on my shoulder blades and head — as if someone was gently pulling my shoulders back. It’s not uncomfortable, but it does feel slightly odd at first, I actually did feel some mid- and upper-back aches subside. After wearing it for the day the chronic, pain in my shoulders, while not completely gone, got significantly less

IFGfit is focused on style-conscious customers, especially women, in need of posture support. Yet the brand hopes to court an even wider demographic too, by positioning its clothes as workplace wellness tools: Liu is pursuing partnerships with banks, medical offices, and Silicon Valley giants to offer employee discounts on IFGfit pieces within companies’ wellness benefits. Liu is confident the wonder-activewear may help reduce chances of injury or invasive surgery by “improving the body’s posterior chain for better joint stability, proprioception, and recovery.

In wearing this product I believe it is taking self-care to the next level; especially over the last few months when we have been working from home and might not be sitting properly working at our laptops.

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