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Merino wool garments can be an incredibly comfortable and highly functional part of your outdoor attire. Merino feels soft against the skin, transfers moisture efficiently, breathes well, and holds in warmth. Those are important qualities for managing your body temperature, which is a crucial skill on any outdoor adventure, especially the chilly ones.

I recently had the pleasure of testing merino wool products from a company called Woolx based out of upstate New York.

Woolx is hikers, skiers, campers, and runners. Photographers, backpackers, snowmobilers, and world travelers. Wanderers with a boundless love for wild places, a thirst for adventure, and a need to infuse nature into our everyday lives. We’re also working professionals, with families and lots of commitments. We’re real people just like you who work hard every day to strike that perfect balance, where we can fit our love for the outdoors into our busy everyday lives.

Woolx was founded by a father/daughter team from a family with a long retail history in the outdoor industry. And we’ve been soaking up the natural beauty and amazing opportunities for adventure in gorgeous Upstate NY for generations. New York’s Adirondack Park is right in our backyard, and we spend every spare moment exploring its forests, lakes, trails, and streams. We live and breathe the product we created because we created it to work for us.

Our family has owned a brick-and-mortar clothing store here in central New York for more than 72 years. And we’ve always focused on selling products we wanted to use ourselves, high-quality outdoor clothing that felt great, performed beautifully and was an excellent value. Merino wool is truly the top-of-the-line natural fabric for every activity under the sun, and we were looking for the best merino gear we could find. We needed clothing that offered great value in both time and money. We wanted a natural product that worked well and made our outdoor lifestyle easier, not more complicated. While there are many merino clothing brands on the market, we always felt there was something lacking in their products and service.

In 2012 we decided it was time to take the leap and make our own product. We created Woolx — Merino Wool performance clothing that feels amazing, performs flawlessly, and looks great. All backed by a company that considers its customers part of the family too. We are incredibly proud to offer a product we can stand behind 100%. Because we are what we make, and we make the best merino wool clothing you’ve ever worn.

Woolx uses 100% Australian merino wool, so their products are super soft and warm against the skin. You can machine wash and dry their garments without any worry of shrinking or changing the fit of your gear. Their clothing has been well constructed — they have a great fit and they have reinforced stitching in all the right places. And most importantly, they breathe well and help to control moisture, which makes them excellent for outdoor adventures.

The inherent properties of Merino Wool create an all-natural material that performs as well as any technical synthetic fabric. Woolx Merino Wool — Flawless, comfort, performance, and design.

This is the perfect clothing for the winter season.

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Twitter Parties/ Blog/ Marketing/ Events/Social Media/Brand Ambassador Follow http// My goal is to save readers time, money and energy

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