Holiday Gift Guide-Home Décor-Selfie Wrapping Paper

At the holidays, I am always looking for ways to make my presents stand out. I add bows, ribbons, and decorative tags. This year my gifts are going to be wrapped in my personalized selfie wrapping paper from Gift Wrap My Face, LLC. What a surprise they are going to get when gifts show up with your own face.

Gift Wrap My Face, LLC (GWMF) makes customized “selfie” and “smart” wrapping paper for all occasions from holiday to birthday, weddings, Valentine’s Day, or just any time. Promoters of love and fun that encourage the inner child of silliness to emerge shamelessly, Gift Wrap My Face is in the business of making people smile. Aside from wrapping paper, GWMF also makes selfie socks for the feet, socks for wine, banners, even holiday cards that make the obligatory holiday family group photo no longer a boring occasion.

The company was hatched when Aryel Rivero and Vanessa Clavijo, two ad agency colleagues, started dating in secret and Aryel sent her a gift-wrapped with his face floating all over it. She was so overwhelmed with laughter and the thoughtfulness of his gesture, that she agreed to marry him. Today they are business partners doing the same for others. The two have built a significant e-commerce business that landed on Oprah’s “O List,” ABC-TV, Bloomberg Television, and in People and US Weekly Magazines without any marketing. Gift Wrap My Face was named by Goldman Sachs as one of 10,000 Small Businesses earlier this year.

Featuring mask-less face photos of people and pets, Gift Wrap My Face, #GiftWrapMyFace adds them to the body of elves, snowmen, superheroes, astronauts, iconic statues, lamas, or dancing with dreidels or menorahs. Gift Wrap My Face even created two Smart Wrapping Papers: one using augmented reality to enliven a face making a snow angel, a dancing elf, and a Video Paper that uses a personalized and private QR code for gift-givers to share a video message with loved ones. Customized rolls can be ordered at for $18.99 a roll, $19.99 for augmented reality paper, and $34.99 for two rolls of the video wrap that includes a private YouTube page.

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