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3 min readDec 19, 2021


With the weather being what it has been the past few years, it was important for me to find some tools that would help me keep track of the weather better.

Founded in 1943, Chaney Instrument Co. and its AcuRite brand have earned a long-standing reputation as a leading manufacturer of weather products and devices to enhance the monitoring of your connected home environment.

In 1987, Chaney Instrument Co. became a subsidiary of the Primex Family of Companies, a family-owned business headquartered in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Shortly after, Chaney Instrument Co. quickly grew to become one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of quartz clock movements in the U.S., ultimately achieving an annual output of over 10 million clock motors. The company’s continued focus on innovation and technology led to (among other noteworthy accomplishments) the pioneering of a successful line of analog atomic clocks in 1998.

More recently, by building innovative, dependable weather sensors and smart home devices that keep you connected to your world, AcuRite has earned the title of North America’s #1 weather monitoring brand. Even though we’ve reached that top spot, we are not resting on our laurels. We remain committed to bringing you the best products that keep you informed about your environment.

AcuRite is known for its ease of use, reliable quality, and precision accuracy.

I really was interested in testing out the AcuRite Temperature and Humidity Station. The AcuRite weather station can do it all: it can tell you the temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction. It also tells you the moon phase, indoor comfort level and the “feels like” temperature. This easy-to-read device has an illuminated color display with an adjustable dimmer.

It is not only a great device for the home but is also a useful option for gardeners, farmers, utility workers. You can completely rely on Acurite Atlas as your personal home weather station. The device offers you real-time updates on your smartphone, desktop, and tablet. You also get an amazing HD touchscreen display console that looks great in every room.

The other piece that I love from AcuRite was the Indoor/Outdoor Round Double-Sided Hanging Clock. It is a really beautiful piece. The piece is suitable for outside and inside and is weather resistant.

As far as the mechanism, it's what I’m used to seeing from AcuRite with a small battery-powered clock module and a temperature module on the back of each clock face. It’s basically two clocks in one, so don’t count on them always showing the same time.

I have it just outside our porch, so whether you are relaxing inside or out tending to the garden, you can just turn your head and see the time. Once it is hanging you can turn the clock to change the angle it faces. This added instant charm to my garden.

For the price, size, and quality it is a great gift. It reminds me of an old train station clock. If you have someone who is interested in learning more about the weather, then definitely check out the products from AcuRite.




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