Holiday Gift Guide-Children-Story Time Chess

I have always loved playing games and I love Story Time Chess. This game is geared for all ages. Chess is an amazing game that sharpens critical thinking, boosts intelligence, and helps academic performance. What sets Story Time Chess apart is its ability to teach chess to young children. It does this using silly stories, colorful illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a custom chessboard.

The purpose of the 30+ minigames is to reinforce the mechanics o how the pieces and the game is played. The storybook shows each piece and the illustrated story behind how that piece likes to move. It brings the chess pieces to life with their fun characters and interesting movements. This really helps children visualize the piece on the chessboard and really understand how to move each one.

If you have young children or even older children that you are trying to teach the game of chess to, this is a great time to help them build lifelong skills. This is a great holiday gift to get this year.

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