Holiday Gift Guide-Children-Akedo Ultimate Battle Arena

Moose Toys have the perfect holiday gift for those in your life. The Akedo — Ultimate Arcade Warriors, the first brand to combine realistic battling action figures at a micro-collectible scale. Akedo marks the innovative toymaker’s biggest launch to date.

Derived from the Japanese word for arcade, Akedo has a retro gaming look and combines it with kids battling one-on-one with 39 unique warriors including ninjas, robots, gladiators, and Vikings, alongside teddy bears, a dinosaur, and clowns, using skill and strategy to claim victory over their equally well-equipped opponents.

Building excitement for the action-packed gameplay of Akedo, Moose is making its largest-ever investment in content with WildBrain. Moose also is partnering with Nickelodeon to create a brand “as live” event ― The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament ― on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel which garners over 50 million views each month.

The micro battling figures pack a punch with their individual battle styles and an array of attached aspirational, powerful, and sometimes unconventional weapons and accessories, including ninjas with swords, a teddy bear with a chainsaw, and a big baby ruling with his gavel. Action-packed gameplay is created by figures that are attached to iconic individual coin bases that are reminiscent of arcade play. Using the included controller, figures deliver a unique split strike action that literally splits the other Akedo figure in half. Players’ skill and strategy increase as they move through the collection of 39 warriors, including Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare, Legendary, Exclusive Ultra Rare, and the very Limited Edition Mythical Stormstrike, a glow-in-the-dark Viking.

For the ultimate battle experience, players can match up in the 90s retro style Ultimate Battle Arena, a playset that emulates an old-school arcade game complete with its own theme song. The arena comes with two exclusive Ultra Rare warriors, Turbo Chux and Screen Shot, both with double battle accessories. Included are two interchangeable backdrops, two deluxe controllers, and a detachable training punching bag. Adding excitement, and a bit of humor, to the battles, the arena plays more than 35 real battle sound effects.

The World of Akedo ― Ultimate Arcade Warriors delivers all the extreme moves of arcade fighting and puts them in the players’ hands for real battling action. There are 39 epic mini warrior action figures, each with an individual fighting style and unique battle-ready accessory. Players can dominate their warrior opponent and finish them off with a split strike action move that literally splits their opponent in half. Search for Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare, Legendary, Exclusive Ultra Rare, and the very Limited Edition Mythical Stormstrike, a glow-in-the-dark Viking. Every product includes battle controllers that feature a numbered slide to keep score.

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