Gardener’s Supply Company-Potting Bench

Since I started gardening last year, I was looking for a place to keep all of my gardening tools. I had my seeds in one place, mulch, and soil in another, and pots somewhere else. I don’t like being disorganized. I really wanted my own space, a place where the serious work of gardening can happen. I needed a gardening office. I started looking around to see what other people used and I discovered the Potting Bench. The idea of having a place to set your gardening tools, pots, and soil made sense. I knew I wanted one that was practical, visually appealing in my garden or outdoor area, and blue. It took me a year of looking and research, but I finally found one at the Gardener’s Supply Company.

Gardener’s Supply is in business to spread the joys and rewards of gardening, because gardening nourishes the body, elevates the spirit, builds community, and makes the world a better place. They were so helpful in answering all my questions about the potting bench that I wanted.

The brand has been making its signature products in Vermont since 1989. This is where each indestructible Garden Cart, Lifetime Aluminum Corner, SunLite® Garden, and cedar raised bed or planter comes from. The company strives to provide balance among work, wellness, and learning. This is why we foster a culture of volunteerism, encourage professional development, provide employee garden space, offer on-site yoga, and laud exemplary work. They are socially responsible also, donating their time and profits to communities and not-for-profit agencies across the country.

I could not wait to get my potting bench. It was easy to assemble and it made my work area efficient and comfortable; and a place that I love to spend time with my plants.

It is important to locate a place for your potter’s bench first. This way you can the right size for your space. With the potter’s bench as my focal piece, I just had to add an outdoor rug, pots, plants, and other accessories to adorn the bench. This was an inspiration piece and things just move around it. I am also able to move my potter’s bench around the yard since it has wheels. If I need to take things to the vegetable garden then I stack them up and I am on the move.

When I was growing up in Brooklyn, we had plants, but it was not until I moved to New Jersey that I started to focus more on landscaping and what I wanted to plant. The problem was I lost all my plants when it grew cold. My whole attitude changed in Louisiana, now I have warm weather most of the year and a blank canvas to work with. I enjoying changing up the porch plants and flowers season to season. In the past, I would sit on the porch floor, and not all have all my pieces together. Now, that I am using gardening as a stress reliever, I can easily store the plant food, watering cans, soil, and other things in one place.

While I have used it for potting, I plan to keep plants and flowers in it year-round. It will great to have pretty pots, and accessories on the front porch. This space makes me smile when I walk past it, and now I have a workspace for my gardening that is organized and functioning. It has also gotten me motivated to visit nursery’s and look at flowers and plants that I may want to have.

I hope that my story will inspire you to get a potter’s bench. I have gotten so many compliments about being a city girl and turning country, but I am proud of what I am able to do with my hands. I am confident that I will maintain this design space in the future.

Do you maintain a garden? What are your favorite plants and flowers?