FINI Shoes A Must Have this Fall Season

Launched this year, Fini Shoes is the creative design of Dami Adepoju, a Nigerian born American designer who is setting out to change the industry landscape with unprecedented customization that allows the wearer to completely change the look of the shoe through a seamless and minimal zipper system. Offering maximum versatility without foregoing luxury aesthetic and quality, Fini is primed to disrupt the industry.

What’s really amazing about these shoes, it’s made out of pure creativity and it allows whoever is wearing the shoes to change the look with a minimal zipper system. The seamless zipper system can transform the shoes into six completely different looks. Not only is this function convenient but its also sustainable.

Take a look at the styles that come from this one shoe:

The debut product comes with attachments to create 6 totally different styles. They also have an add-on with fur that you can purchase separately.

These shoes are great, especially if you are packing for a trip. It is always a challenge to pack several pairs of shoes and trying to maximize space in your suitcase. I need to limit my shoes because my suitcase is always overweight. I want to have a pair of shoes that can transition from warm to cold weather. It also gives you more room in your closet and fits with those who want great shoes, but living on a budget.

I am so excited to be wearing these shoes throughout the season and change it based on my mood.

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