Fall Styles from Bleusalt Clothing

Bleusalt is a clothing brand founded in 2017 by photographer Lyndie Benson, which is an eco-friendly outfit originating from Malibu and made in Los Angeles. For many years living on the coastline of Point Dume in Malibu, Benson destroyed more than one cashmere hoodie while walking in the morning. She loved cashmere but the fabric is hot, sticky, valuable, and cannot hold the beach elements.

The design reflects the graceful style of the breeze in the coastal city of Malibu. This is why they are perfect for the Fall. The concept of great clothes often comes from someone trying to solve a problem. These clothes are wearable athleisure luxury clothing that works for everyone.

Grown from sustainable forestry plantations, beech trees multiply by rejuvenation. That means the trees propagate by themselves and there is no artificial irrigation or planting required. Beechwood forests are 100% sustainable. This process allows us to bring the softest fabric on Earth to your closet. Our Bleusalt fabric, made from beechwood, is entirely vegan and cruelty-free.

Lynn, Benson, Founder of Bleusalt describes the brand as “a seasonless line of Elevated Basics made sustainably 100% in the USA from the softest fibers on earth and home to the signature Bleusalt Wrap. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Malibu, I care deeply about our oceans and planet. I created Bleusalt out of my own desire for luxurious clothing that left a minimal impact on the Earth.

We are making an effort to be part of the solution and continue to work on being zero-waste, and made 100 percent in the USA, locally in Los Angeles (so close you can see the Hollywood sign from our factory). The fabric we use is made from the sustainable botanic fibers of the beech tree by Tencel.

Bleusalt’s fabric embodies all of the beauty of cashmere but is breathable, machine washable, ideal for layering, eco-friendly, and arguably even softer. Plus, it is vegan, cruelty-free, and antimicrobial.

Bleusalt is a new kind of fashion that seamlessly takes you from day to night, the whole time allowing you to feel effortlessly comfortable and put together.

Our goal is to make the highest quality sustainable luxury clothing a little bit more accessible for everyone.

We can’t wait for you to experience first-hand a piece of Malibu and a new standard of comfort, sustainability, and style.”

It just started to turn a little cooler here and I was super excited to try out these pieces.

Do you have Bleusalt pieces in your closet? What do you think of it?

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