I first heard about Cotopaxi a few months ago. It is a Salt Lake City-based gear company whose aim is to give back to a variety of causes around the globe. Cotopaxi is about giving, to enrich your own life and the lives of others. They base their business around the slogan “gear for good”, promising they will use their business to make a positive impact in the world.

I had the chance to try out some of their gear and immediately fell in love with the brand. I first tried the Cotopaxi Solazo Down Jacket. This down jacket is perfect for wearing on those frosty mornings when you are taking a walk around the neighborhood, or doing some work outside. I love the variety of colors that it comes in and that it has deep pockets for you to put hands in or carry your phone and keys.

The Cotopaxi Teca Fleece is another one that I love. It’s more affordable than comparable jackets, is super warm and trendy. Cotopaxi makes the fleece with recycled fabric scraps left behind by other companies. That means that there are only so many of each color combination available, effectively making each launch limited edition.

Cotopaxi really shines is with its unique approach to sourcing the materials for their popular Teca line, which includes the Teca Fleece and Teca windbreaker, each of which come in quite a few color combos. Every piece of material in the Teca line is made from scraps leftover during the production of clothing from other brands. These materials, which would otherwise end up in the trash, are recycled into the line of fleece, windbreakers, and shorts.

The Teca line has a vintage and sporty appeal. Despite the jacket’s midweight fleece fabric, which is a bit on the thicker side, I find it quite flattering. It has a slightly longer cut so it doesn’t bunch up around my hips, and the straight cut creates long lines down my torso.

The Teca fleece is quite warm and does a great job as far as insulation goes. When I wear it outside in the early morning, it takes a few seconds to feel what temperature it is outside. , I comfortably wore it in 50-degree weather when I went out to get into the car.

I’m happy to support Cotopaxi, both for the quality of their gear and what seems like a genuine commitment to impactful and sustainable practices. Testing out their gear only gave me more reasons to be a fan. It’s encouraging to see a brand that creates useful, reasonably priced clothing that rivals the pieces from more established and expensive brands.



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