Click & Grow’s New Smart Garden 9 PRO

I was so thrilled to check out Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro. This has been a long process. I wanted to make sure that I went through the whole process.

Living in Louisiana, the weather is constantly changing. It could be warm in March and cooler in May. I know that I wanted to start an indoor garden. This way I could also transfer it outside if I wanted.

I have tried to grow seeds inside before but without much luck. I was really excited to try this new process. Smart Garden 9, the PRO version, has advanced app connectivity and improved grow lights for a seamless user experience and an effortless way of growing fresh greens from your home.

The company believes that it should be easy for everyone to grow abundant, nutritious, and delicious food.

Here is everything that came inside the box. It is a pretty good size box.

What Comes in the Box

  • 1x Smart Garden 9 growing unit

After following the directions to assemble the Smart Garden 9 Pro system, I’d recommend downloading the Click and Grow app before going on to the next assembly steps. The app lets you track the progress of your plants’ growth, lets you take photos while growing, and gives you watering reminders.

You are given the option to name your plants when you plant them. After you set up your app, it’s time to get the garden going. The seed pods look like dried discs, they will hydrate when planted. The discs are made of coconut water in addition to peat and contain all the nutrients required for a growing cycle.

The app will walk you through the installation process. Just pop the seedpods into the seed pod holders, put a clear dome lip on top, and fill the Smart Garden with enough water for the floater to rise to the level of the top of the seed pods. When the seedlings are as tall as the clear domes, remove the domes.

The seed pods sit nicely in the holes. Make sure the water level is touching the bottom straw part of the seed pod holders. The water level can get very low before needing to be re-watered.

The Smart Garden 9 Pro is the biggest indoor garden that I have ever used. You will want to choose your unit location wisely. Moving it with a full water vessel will be heavy and daunting.

One of the key things that I love about this structure is its linear nature. You have easy access to each of the plants in the vessel.

The app is meant to enhance your growing experience. It has some really cool features, including:

  • Ability to set the watering interval for pop-up notification reminders to water the garden.

The lighting consists of a row of alternating red and white LED lights along the top bar. When you plug in the lights, it will be on an automatic timer such that the lights will be on for 16 hours and off for 8.

The Smart Garden Pro 9 has a large vessel for holding water. This helps put plenty of time between having to water the garden. As with most indoor gardening systems, you may not need to add water in the first month, but as the plants mature, especially vegetables, it will be important to check the vessel at least twice a week.

The beginnings of the growth process were incredible. The first seedlings sprouted within 48 hours and in 6 days, I was able to take off some of the clear plastic domes. The early grow was fabulous.

In less than a month, the lettuce was ready to harvest. As the plants grew larger. These seedpods are not meant to last forever. Most of the edibles have a 3–4 life cycle. Over time, the seed pod’s plant food will dwindle and you see signs of this and need to buy more seed pods.

Click & Grow is the leading innovator and producer of sustainable, easy-to-use electronic indoor gardens that grow plants without the need for manual watering and fertilizing. Our smart indoors gardens are used to grow food by hundreds of thousands of happy click & growers in over 150 countries.

I can think of many great situations to use the Click & Grow systems. It is great for winter gardening in cold climates, beginning gardening, and seed starting. The Click & Grow is more convenient in all of these areas.

For those who feel they lack green thumbs, this is perfect. It is also a great reason to make this investment.

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