Clementine Kids- Wall Art

Many of you know Clementine Kids as the line of organic baby swaddles and reversible muslin blankets. The wholesome materials and imagination inspiring designs are important, but so are the stories behind the companies’ development matters.

Initially, I was drawn to the Clementine Kids line because of the beautiful prints on the swaddle blankets, and the meaning they have to me. The story behind the brand is one of the family. Founder, Haley Smith explains “When I became pregnant with my daughter, Penny, I knew I wanted to carry on the family tradition. I wanted her to see the process of creating something from nothing and I also wanted to provide other moms with playful patterns that would excite their children’s growing minds. Clementine Kids took on a little life of its’ own. It brought all the ups and downs of being a new mom and a business owner, but it has pushed me to be more creative and resourceful! One day maybe Penny will get into her own big messy creative endeavor, but I want to model for her that it’s possible.”

However, they are more than just blankets. Chances are you’ve been staring at the blank walls of your home and have been dying for a way to brighten up your space. We have spent months working at home and we would love to have brighter spaces.

A well-decorated office helps you feel extra inspired to do your best work and provides everyone, including visitors, clients, and colleagues, a way to get to know you and or your company better. It also makes a great background for your zoom meetings.

A study found that employees who had control over the layout of their workspace are happier and healthier and more productive. Since we are mostly working from home, it is important to have a creative environment. It will clearly impact both your mood and your motivation.

I am so happy when I found Clementine Kids wall art. The first step I did was to identify a theme for my wall art. When brainstorming ways to incorporate art in your office environment, first determine how you’d like the space to make you feel. Do you prefer a calming environment that promotes concentration, or an office that encourages productivity and creativity? Easy adjustments to design and layout.

Once I decided that I wanted a pop of color on my walls, but I wanted it to be peaceful. I headed over to Clementine Kids and found the perfect pieces.

No matter what you do or where you work, there are many benefits associated with adding art to space where you work. They are many pieces that will inspire your area.

What do you think of wall art?



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