Chelsea King Scrunchies Keeps Your Hair In Place

While we have been staying inside the past couple of months, one of the things that I miss is getting my hair done. It has gotten so long and with the heat and humidity, I have been looking for ways to keep in looking good. That is why I was thrilled to find Chelsea King.

While scrunchies may not always be considered a cute going-out way to style your hair, scrunchies will always be “in” to wear at home because they are fun and easy to wear. , The older I get the less I want to spend getting my hair to style.

Unlike hair ties and elastics, scrunchies won’t damage your hair. If you’re trying to grow your hair out, or simply want to reduce breakage, then a scrunchie is a hair care essential. The fabric covering the elastic band on scrunchies provides a layer of protection for your hair. Plus, scrunchies tend to sit more loosely on your hair. This is why it won’t damage your hair like elastic bands and hair ties

When I am at home, doing chores, working, or simply watching television, I often like to tie my hair up and away from my face and I find that scrunchies just add something cute to my at-home style.

My favorite scrunchies have been the ones from Chelsea King. They sent me 3 to try out and since then they’ve been my go-to’s, especially the pattern scrunchie. I would’ve never expected there to be such a difference between high and low-end scrunchies.

These scrunchies really do feel like they just gentle wrap around your hair without tugging or breaking your hair which is why I use them almost every day to tie my hair up, and every night to tie back my hair back.

They have tons of styles and patterns that you will love.

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