Berbermade Decorative Pillows

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and the warm weather is already here in the south. I have started to get my outdoor space officially ready for entertaining or just for me to relax outside. Yet, I felt something was missing, my favorite finishing touch adding decorative pillows. Adding pillows to space allows it to look modern and creates an inviting look to your outside. Throw pillows invite people to join in and relax while allowing me to maintain a modern look that I love.

I was so excited to find Berbermade Decorative Pillows. A couple of tips about choosing the right decorative pillows for your space.


Pillows are great for experimenting with new design looks. However, that doesn’t mean you should incorporate all your favorite shades into your new décor. You want your area to look coordinated and cohesive, so select one color palette and stick to it. If you have too many colors it will look too busy. I usually always select blue for my decorative pillows, but this year, I decided to change it up a little and got these two shades of purple and gold, which are LSU colors, and just made everything pop.


Wondering what size throw pillows to buy? While oversized pillows can look large at times, you need to think about where you are putting the pillows. Selecting a smaller one may be better for your furniture, that way it offers support for your back while you sitting.


There’s no one answer to how many decorative pillows to display. Think about your space first, and what you would like to accomplish. Usually, decorators aim to include an odd number of pillows, as this arrangement seems to be more pleasing to the eye. The goal is to create a comfortable space where you will love to lounge and spend those warm summer days.

Like many brands, Berbermade has a great story.

We believe that everyone’s home should be an authentic reflection of themselves and their own unique journey. Your home is where you spend the most time. It’s where you live, love, relax, recharge, and — most of all — dream. Every piece you bring into your home should inspire you to live an even richer, more vibrant life. We believe you deserve artistic designs that express your true colors, beautify your space, and add cultural texture to your home.

It’s that passion for quality, handmade home goods that led us to found Berbermade.

We partner with master artisans from all over the world who still use time-honored techniques, handpicking the very best craftsmen and hand-weavers to bring high-quality handmade home goods. Then, we collaborate with a curated selection of US-based artists to create designs that are modern and sophisticated while still maintaining an authentic Bohemian flair. The result? Exclusive, limited-edition collections of home goods that are ethically sourced, thoughtfully designed, and sustainably made.

The idea came about after traveling to Morocco for the first time back in 2016. Morocco is a treasure trove of cultures, art, handcraft, and diversity. We brought as many handmade runner rugs, blankets, and pillowcases as we could possibly carry. We visited small villages in the Atlas mountains, Azilal and Beni Ouarain, and got the chance to meet with women who were hand-making rugs from cactus silk and wool which every item was a piece of art and completely unique. We immediately saw value in such crafts and their untapped potential.

The artisans were explaining to us their daily hardships. Each pillowcase or blanket can take an average of 2–4 weeks to complete. Some rugs can take up to one year. Their working conditions weren’t decent at all and this type of handcraft is nearing complete abandonment because the younger generations aren’t interested in it due to the low profitability. We went back several times after and bought more samples and developed relationships with the Berber hand-makers. These women were very skilled but they lacked the knowledge to cater to markets outside their villages.

Having started previous e-commerce businesses in the past, we decided to give this a shot since we are located in Los Angeles, the hub of Home Décor and Interior Design. We felt that if we succeed at bringing this handcraft to the vast US market, we can not only help preserve this form of handcraft but also play a role in supporting their talent, give back to their society and help the handweavers earn a decent living. That’s why 10% of Berbermade proceeds are invested back into artisan communities.

Our future plans are to expand and bring similar crafts from communities other than North Africa. Our goal is to bring unique handmade crafts that tell a story and make one’s home feel like a well-traveled home. We feel that there is high demand for unique artisan-made products that are global, ethnic yet express luxury. The young affluent consumers understand the value of these products despite their slight imperfections and higher prices because of the story they tell.

If you are looking for decorative pillows check out Berbemade.

Do you have any pillow styling tips?

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