Alaina Organic Pestamels and Towels

2 min readJun 6, 2020

When I was first asked to review the products from Alaina Organic, I was intrigued. Alaina Organic works directly with a few remaining families in Southern Turkey. Channeling back to Ottoman times, each piece is woven on traditional looms and takes days to complete.

Blue Grotto, Pestamel

I love the color blue and feel in love with this piece right away.

Pestamels are traditionally worn in the Turkish bath, Moroccan hammam or sauna, and they just make you feel pampered. Loomed to be flat and lightweight, they’re surprisingly absorbent and are just as at home in, well, your home as they are on the beach. This vibrant Blue Grotto was inspired by the sea caverns of the same name in Malta, and they will immediately transport you to the tranquil waters.

Aside from the environmental benefits, organic cotton is more absorbent, dries faster, remains soft, and is better at reducing moisture-induced bacteria. This piece makes the perfect gift for someone that you love.

Ottoman, Towel

The traditional Turkish Bath inspired the Ottoman Collection. The ancient luxurious spa treatment is still a favorite indulgent activity of visitors and locals alike. The small square pattern on this all-white towel reflects the pure post spa feeling. I have missed going to the spa and this towel makes me feel warm and taken care of. It brings me back to a safe time.




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