I’m so excited to write this blog today because it’s a brand that I truly love. Kyte Baby is a brand that started out with sleepers, rompers, and other great pieces for infants and toddlers. I fell in love with the quality and significance of the brand.

This is why I was super excited to learn that they were making adult pajamas and joggers. They have a huge selection of prints, neutrals, and colors.

I love the colors. They are bright and make you think of Spring. The pieces are comfortable and breathable. These are perfect for curling up on…

After spending all of 2020 inside. I was super excited to be able to get outside and enjoy the fresh area. I was looking for outfits that would be applicable for crazy Louisiana weather, and be nice enough for me to jump on a Zoom call. That is when I discovered Sunday Citizen. They have the greatest collection of pullovers, joggers, hoodies, and weekend shorts that you will ever want and it is possible some of the softest pieces on the market.

What’s the best way to describe their loungewear? Easy… Easy to put on, easy to wear all day…

A month ago a new brand called Blush Mark and I started a collaboration. I had never heard of this brand before so I wanted to make sure this was going to interest my readers. I looked up their website and what I found was shocking. The clothes are super affordable and totally my style.

At first glance at their website, I saw a huge selection of clothes. I was incredibly shocked at how low their prices were!! The clothing looked like something I would buy at a boutique for over double the price. I was overwhelmed with all of…

During the last year of Covid-19, I have been doing more work outside and have also been doing more walking and hiking. I was looking for the perfect outfit and heard about the Westerlind Outdoor Climbing Jumpsuit. I found it intriguing and wanted to test it out. This jumpsuit reminded me of gear that I had seen in the past, but it has a contemporary twist.

When I first got it, I thought it was something from the past. However, once I got it on I realized it was built from a more modern and weather-resistant cotton blend. This material…

Spring has finally sprung in the South. We are enjoying warm temperatures and spending time soaking up the sun. Easter is only a week away, and unlike last year I am planning some Easter baskets for the kids, and here are some of the fun stuff that I plan to add for fun.

LOL Spring Sparkle

LOL Spring Sparkle is a limited edition Easter-themed series featuring 2 dolls, released in March 2021. They are limited edition because there is only a small number manufactured. Both Spring Sparkle dolls have cute tops and shorts painted onto their bodies so that they…

After dealing with the snow and ice, the weather in Louisiana has turned warmer. It is March, and we are experiencing 80 degree days, now this is why I love the South. It gave me a chance to wear a few of my new favorite pieces from AnaClare.

These outfits got me dreaming of the day when I can go on adventures again. I love to dress fashionably and comfortably no matter where I am.

Whether you are shopping for resort vacation wear or stocking up on basic essentials, make AnaClare a stop. AnaClare provides vacation clothes that stand out…

I was provided a quote by founder Laurie Felt and it certainly sums up what many of us feel about our jeans.

“You end up making memories in your jeans. In a way, your favorite jeans become a time capsule of your stories. They store important moments in your life.”

It's jean time. If you’re like me it is hard to find those perfect pairs, that will fit you right and not make you look bad. With jeans your able to wear anything, and for me the lighter color is perfect.

When I look to purchase shoes, I always have to first look for my size which at times can be difficult, but ones that are comfortable and support my feet. My most recent pair of shoes is the “Afridrilles” from Ubuntu Life.

Even better than the shoes, is the story behind these shoes.

These shoes were made by a mother. A mother who, because of her work with Ubuntu Life, is able to send her child (maybe children) to school, buy better food for them, and create a better future for herself.

Ubuntu Life employs women in Kenya, giving 100%…

During the past year, being at home means I have been doing more cleaning. I find myself mopping almost daily. It’s an everyday struggle to get the floors cleaned easily and in a timely manner. Louisiana has experienced so many weather changes, and the past week, it has been rainy, which means mud tracked onto my hardwood floors. I recently discovered Pure Sky Ultra Microfiber Floor Mop.

This is a great product for those who do not necessarily love mopping floors. You simply take it out and wipe up everything it gets to those hard-to-reach places like a magnet. It…

During the last year, I got to spend a lot of time working in my garden. I was hearing a lot about succulent plants and I checked them out at the local stores but they never looked healthy. Our nurseries were closed due to the pandemic, so I was overjoyed when I discovered Lula’s Garden and wanted to give it a try. Lula’s Garden is a succulent gifting company. Their product line includes eco-friendly “succulent gardens” that arrive “in a self-sustaining gift box that is uniquely designed to serve as a planter. …


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